Estonian Renewable Energy Association has created the Sustainable Energy course program in order to introduce renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

The program was created with the help of Environmental Investment Centre. It meets the regulations of Estonia and European Union and curriculums of Estonian Universities.

The Sustainable Energy course program consists of 10 topics and can be carried out as a single topic course as well.

The topics:

  1. Overview of energy saving and renewable energy solutions
  2. Profitability of sustainable energy solutions
  3. Energy saving methods in buildings and their profitability
  4. Local- and positioned heating solutions and heat storage
  5. Utilizing ambient heat in buildings
  6. Wind energetics. Utilizing wind energy in energy production, overview of planning technology and usage
  7. Renewable energy solutions in agriculture production
  8. Solar energy. Utilizing solar energy in heat and electricity production, overview of planning technology and usage
  9. Energy cooperative, future visions of energy production and consumption, overview of developments in energy supply systems and novel technical solutions
  10. Smart home solutions – overview of ICT solutions that help to save energy and use it more efficiently

All courses are held in Estonian. For more information please contact us at