Become a member

As an organisation, association, enterprise

It is possible to become a member of EREA for enterprises, organisations, NGOs who produce energy from renewable sources or stand for the development of Estonian renewable energy field. In order to become a member we kindly ask you to fill the form below by introducing your organisation’s field of activity and description.

The membership application is confirmed by the Commissioners meeting.

As a private person

As a private person it is possible to be connected with EREA activities via Renewable Energy Club. The club unites people with similar interests in advancing renewable energy, helps to share the information about various small-scale renewable energy equipment and technology and gives a good Network of people from various fields of activities. In order to become a member we kindly ask you to fill out the form below and add a brief description of yourself and your connection with renewable energy. You will be contacted for further information about membership.


In order to become a member or for more information, please contact us at