Renewable energy in Estonia

The geographical location of Estonia and local weather conditions would enable to produce all energy needed in electricity and heating from renewable sources.

The share of renewable energy in final energy consumption (%):

Renewable energy capacities in electricity production (MW):


There are 139 wind turbines installed in Estonia with the total capacity of 309,96 MW. In 2016 the electricity production by wind turbines was 589 GWh.

For more information about wind energy in Estonia, please visit Estonian Wind Energy Association website.

Installed wind energy capacity in Estonia (MW):

In 2016 3,7MW of solar energy capacity was added in Estonia, which is more than in 2011-2014 altogether and 16% more than in 2015. Total installed capacity of solar energy is 11 MW.

For more information about solar energy in Estonia, please visit Estonian PV Association website.

Solar energy capacity in Estonia (MW):

Biomass is the Estonian biggest source of renewable energy with total installed capacity of 118,85 MW. In 2016 743 GWh of electricity was produced from biomass which accounts for 52% of the whole renewable production.

Biogas installed capacity is 10,56 MW with 46 GWh of annual electricity production in 2016.

For more information about biogas in Estonia, please visit Estonian Biogas Association website.

Hydroenergy potential in Estonia is limited due to characteristics of local geology. There is 7,3 MW of installed hydroenergy capacity with the annual production of 35 GWh of electricity in 2016.

For more information about hydroenergy in Estonia, please visit Estonian Hydro Power Association website.