The Estonian Renewable Energy Association (EREA) was founded on the 13th of May in 2011 with the aim to unite Estonian organisations active in the field of renewable energy under one roof with the mission to advance and develop the field.

The main goals of EREA are to:

  • Develop stable, predictable and sustainable regulative environment;
  • Introduce and popularize renewable energy solutions and increase the awareness of their various effects;
  • Participate in debates regarding Estonian energetics;
  • Promote renewable energy dynamics through research and development;
  • Encourage 100% transition towards renewable energy in Estonia.

Estonian Renewable Energy Association currently has 9 members:

Energy producers:

AS Fortum Eesti
OÜ Graanul Energia
OÜ Utilitas Tallinna Elektrijaam


Estonian Biogas Association
Estonian Power Plants and District Heating Association
Estonian Wind Energy Association
Estonian Hydro Power Association
Estonian PV Energy Association

Private person:
Toomas Koovit


Photos of the day EREA was founded: